Boxee: Round 2!

It's been a while since I last used Boxee, but after hearing so much more about it, I've decided to give it another try. Now, I wouldn't call this a full-blown review, or test of the latest version of Boxee as I've really only picked through the application settings and used radio, but I must say, it feels A LOT more stable, and refined. It hasn't crashed once yet and seems a lot easier to navigate and control.

After downloading the latest version, I logged in and started messing with the settings, namely the one which controls which mode (full screen or windowed) Boxee ran in. I usually opt for the windowed mode when I'm on my desktop or laptop, that way I can use Boxee and surf the web or work in whatever other applications I need to.

In any event, I managed to easily change the screen resolution, and also turn off the visualizations for when music is playing. Once that was done, I fired up Radio and plugged in my user details. Then I did a quick search for one of my favorite bands, but instead of playing some artists similar to the one I typed in, it displayed a list of similar artists. Totally fine though, I just picked one and it started playing some music. I love how you can view the lyrics to the song too, although, I do wish the font used for that was a bit smaller haha. I'm not blind...yet... :)

Another thing, I didn't really like was how when you open a section of the application, be it the settings, or music or whatever it seems to stay open, so when you hit Esc to go back, you'll have to go through all the previous things you've opened to get back to the main screen.

I haven't tried out any of the other features, but I think if Boxee keeps it up, they're definitely going to land a spot on my AppleTV! :) I might even give it a go tonight, should it be easy enough to revert. Something I also wonder is if you can still access things like the iTunes Music Store, and also if you can connect it to other iTunes shares. I guess I've got a bit of researching to do!

Overly I am quite impressed with the newer versions of Boxee, keep up the great work guys!

Update: Apparently you can hit the 'H' key which will return you to the home screen, or you can hit the 'S' key to exit from anywhere. Also the '\' key will toggle between fullscreen and windowed mode.

Thanks Andrew!

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