World of Warcraft: P1mp My Mount!

This has to be one of the coolest I've seen today!

Tired of your mount looking like every other raptor, wolf, horse, kodo, or nightsaber out there? Want to spice it up with some armor plating, a few spikes or chains, or maybe even some flaming decals? Then Z to the A to the zzber (whew, that's a mouthful!) will be glad to welcome you to his shop where you can epic-ize your mount with some phat total pimpage!

Coming in a future content patch, we plan to bring you a new feature that will allow you to alter the color, the armor, or add decorations to your in-game mounts. Simply drop in to Zazzber's Local Fix-'Er-Up, pay a small fee, and leave your mount there overnight. The next morning, you'll pick up a mount that is uniquely yours!

Maybe coming back from the dead changed me; I'll never know for sure. But all I know is that I've always loved my kitty-cat. Sure, the other death knights thought it was a little silly but now I fire up my cat's phat nitro-boosters and blast those death knights on dead horses out of this life!

Learn more about the upcoming, P1mp My Mount

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