HP Mini with OS X - Sound Working!

Yesterday I did my bi-weekly visit to MyHPMini to see if they had gotten sound working properly. 3-4 threads down, I see a thread titled, "Audio Fix VoodooHDA""! Very excited, I open it and started reading. It looks like someone found the proper codec/driver for the Mini.

The fix is as simple as removing one Kext file and installing another. Visit the thread for more information and a download link!

I think I might end up using the HP Mini a bit more then my Dell Mini because I enjoy typing with the HP's keyboard a lot more! The only thing remaining that has me put off of the HP is that it only has an 8GB hard drive, and that it tends to need to be rebooted more often then I'd like to because of swap taking up the remaining 1.5GBs. I'll have to see if I can look into setting a limit for swap space...or even upgrading the hard drive to a 16GB or so.

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