XBox 360 Woes...

Back at the end of March my Xbox 360 finally RROD'ed. This was the first time that that specific console had red ringed, but not the first time I've experienced it with an Xbox 360. After seeing relatively similar symptoms and finally getting the "magical" red rings, I logged onto and checked out their support section since I couldn't quite remember their telephone number. After screaming into the phone that "YES", I wanted to chat with an agent, and sitting around for about 15 minutes, I finally had an agent on the line. 3 more calls to Microsoft's Xbox support line and about two weeks later I finally had an ARS label and my Xbox was on it's way to the Microsoft Service Center in Texas. Skip ahead another 2 weeks and I finally had my Xbox back. Enthralled that I could finally play some Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare I logged in and started my usual owning of anything that dared move. About 3 rounds into my session, I received this lovely display on my television:

Xbox Crapped Out

So, I guess Microsoft didn't fix my Xbox. This time instead of calling them I simply logged onto the Xbox support website and submitted my console serial number and checked off the RROD box...They provided me with a printable UPS ARS label and I simply used the box they had shipped my "repaired" Xbox in for shipping back to their repair facility.

Fast forward to last week. I actually got my console a day earlier then UPS had projected which made me a bit happier. This happiness was almost immediately squashed when I pulled the console out of the box and noticed the USB port cover was ripped/broken off and not even existent in the box or bag the Xbox was wrapped in. Relatively agitated I phoned up the Xbox support line to give them a piece of my mind.

After explaining my issue to a support agent, she transferred me to a customer support representative who almost instantly made me forget about the fury which raged in myself. She apologized and sympathized with me and even said in her Indian accent, "Wow, you must have been pretty pissed off when you noticed that!". I couldn't help but giggle. She quickly offered to ship me a new faceplate free of charge. While we waited for the order to go through, she happily asked what games I enjoyed playing, to which I responded, "Call of Duty 4!". She said she hears that response a lot along with Halo 3. I was surprised she nor I mentioned Gears of War being one of the most mentioned games.

While we all know* that your Xbox is going to RROD, remember that dealing with Microsoft over the matter is relatively painless, especially when you do it through their website (trust me, it's a lot better then dealing with them over the phone). My experience has been somewhat rough with them, but that one customer care agent did an amazing job, handling my situation, and if I could, I'd buy her an Xbox and send it to her in India so we could play together. She's awesome and I give her mad props for being able to deal with the people who call in, because I know, people can be absolutely insane...including myself!

So I've finally got my Xbox back and working crosses fingers! Anyone for a game of Call of Duty 4?! :)

* Alright, maybe we don't know, but seriously, isn't the RROD rate some ridiculously high number?!

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