Lost Planet 2 - Xbox 360 Demo

Along with yesterday release of the DiRT 2 demo, we also got our hands on the Lost Planet 2 demo! It was pretty much like Christmas in August. Quite a wonderful day for gamers!

This demo clocked in at around 350MBs, much smaller then DiRT 2. After playing through the demo, it's quite apparent as to why though. The demo includes single and multiplayer modes and of course I opted for the multiplayer mode. Playing with friends is a lot better!

The multiplayer version drops you and up to 3 other friends (for a total of four players) into a single level where you battle what appears to be a boss. That's all the demo consists of. Battling this massive creature until it falls. While I'd love to have seen a bit more then that, getting dropped right into action definitely is a lot of fun.

While gathering people for your party I thought it would be possible to change your character or your characters outfit, unfortunately it doesn't look like it's possible, at least not in the demo version of the game. You can also set slots to private so that random people cannot join your game and only people you invite will be allowed in.

The gameplay itself is very similar if not the exact same as Lost Planet 1. The weapons are the same as well. I won't complain because they're actually quite fun and range from a simple assault rifle to a minigun to being able to pilot a mech. During the entire fight I mainly used the rocket launcher as my primary weapon while my friend told control of a mech.

This battle was unique in that one could actually enter the huge beasts body and destroy it from the inside out! I thought that was really cool and it gives you a good idea as to how large this monster was. Also during the battle you can activate data points just as in the previous game, this allows the player to gain more thermal energy which seems to be the life force in this game.

The graphics in the game look just as beautiful if not better then the previous game. The controls are the same, and they're easy to learn. Of course since I've been playing Call of Duty 4, for the past year, it's a bit hard for me to learn any new control scheme :).

The demo lasts about 15-20 minutes depending on how hard you're battling with the beast, but it's definitely an action packed fun 15 minutes. Overall this is one demo you don't want to miss out on and after playing it I can definitely say that I am looking forward to the final version of Lost Planet 2!

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