Best Buy - Remove *ware For a Fee?!

This is just a mini rant. The other day I was in Best Buy (trust me I try not to shop there often) but I needed some dual-layer DVDs and that was the fastest way to obtain them. I really hate having to go into the computer section and having list to the poor saps ask about Windows this and Windows that and virus this and malware that...there's been a couple times where I've actually interrupted the sales people to remind them of their Apple small as it is...but this isn't about that.

This story is about how Best Buy charges people to removed pre-installed, YES, PRE-INSTALLED malware on their systems. I almost shit my pants when I heard this....How does one sell a computer with malware ALREADY installed on it?! This put me into shock. I's bad enough Windows already gets infected the second you put it on the Internet, but hell, now you don't even have to do that! You can purchase a BRAND NEW computer and it already comes with it! I guess that's a new feature or something...

Please someone enlighten me if I heard wrong though!

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