Wolfenstein: Vaporize!

I got this game when it came out but I just barely got to playing it this past week. To be honest, this is one of the first Wolfenstein games I've actually played all the way through. I do remember playing through Wolfenstein 3D but I'm not sure if I ever made it all the way through the game.

The game brings back BJ Blazkowicz in his fight against the Nazi army. I really like games that keep starring the same characters (and maybe a few new ones). It makes you feel like you're really watching the character and their life story since you've gone through multiple games with him or her. In any event, the Nazi's have found a force called the Black Sun which not only makes their weapons stronger but they've even used it to create super soldiers!

The game is pretty much full of non-stop action. You collect missions from various people around the fictional town of Isenstadt. Your main goal is to basically destroy Nazi access to the Black Sun powers and defeat multiple Nazi leaders. With 8 different weapons at your disposal you should have no trouble!

The various weapons in Wolfenstein really keep everything fresh and fun. Whether you're sniping people or vaporizing them, it's all quite a lot of fun. Through the levels you can collect Intel items which enable you to add upgrades to your weapons. You'll also be able to collect crystal shards, gold, and tomes (all of which I'll explain in a minute). Weapon upgrades usually consist of making them faster, stronger, scopes and the ability to hold more ammo. Each upgrade costs a various amount of money and you are able to sell them back if you need some extra cash. Be aware that selling them back will only net half the original price of the upgrade! My favorite weapon was the M43! I also really like the Particle Cannon too. Of course...frying some baddies with the flamethrower was simply pleasurable too and the strongest weapon in the game, the Leichenfaust 44 sure was fun!

Besides being able to collect Intel and gold (which is used to purchase gun upgrades) throughout the levels you can also collect Black Sun crystals. These crystals add new powers to your already badass weapon lineup. Powers consist of Veil, Mire, Shield, and Empower. The Veil power allows you to see hidden doorways and provides little hints as to what to do. For example, when fighting a Particle Cannon soldier, enable the Veil power and you can see his weak spots. The Mire power slows down time and helps you kill quicker enemies. Empower gives your weapons extra strength and allows you to shoot through barriers. You definitely will want to take advantage of these powers throughout the game as they will aid you greatly! You can even purchase upgrades for them (so long as you collect the tomes).

The level design is wonderful and full of detail. One of my favorite levels in the entire game is the Hospital level. It's really creepy and introduces a new enemy that has the ability to vanish into thin air! Of course, using your Veil ability you can easily spot him! Another thing that really made me enjoy this level is the voice acting/dialog from some of the people throughout the level. When you make it to this level, you'll know what I'm talking about :)

Boss battles in this game are far and few between. I believe there are about 4 boss battles in the entire game. This is not something I'd complain about though. Each boss is unique and fun to destroy! evil grin I really enjoyed the fight between BJ and General Zetta, but the Queen Geist fight was definitely really cool too! Besides boss fights, there's a great variety of monsters and enemies you'll encounter throughout the game. Everything from normal Nazi solders to giant mutated scientists to demon Nazis who can throw barrier shields in-front of their fellow Nazi soldiers to protect them all whilst throwing balls of dangerous energy at you.

All in all I'm really impressed with Wolfenstein. There were a few times when I got frustrated with the controls and there were a couple points where I saw enemies get stuck on a door and be unable to go around it or come through it. While funny, the AI in that respect could have been improved a little bit. They sure have come a long way since I played Wolfenstein 3D and after playing hours upon hours of Call of Duty 4 it's nice to be able to just aim, fire and vaporize someone :)

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