Playstation 3 Home: Login Issues

The other day I went to login to Playstation Home, but all it did was sit at the log in screen saying 'Initializing' and did nothing else. I couldn't even exit out form there and just had to flip the power switch on the back of my PS3. Today, I went to log in again (thinking maybe the servers were just overloaded the previous day. Again, it just sat at the initializing message and I was forced to power the unit down again. I ran a couple Google searches and almost all results said to delete Home and re-install it. That's exactly what I did, and upon login, I successfully passed that initialization screen and the MOTD was all about login issues. Of course, it'd have been nice to see that MOTD before the initial login haha.

The MOTD told users to look on the forums for fixes to this issue. I found the thread here.

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