Left 4 Dead 2 - Demo

Finally the Left 4 Dead 2 demo was made available to all (okay maybe just gold and pre-order people) Xbox LIVE gamers the other day. I hastily downloaded it and I have to say, I like it! I'd been hearing a lot of complaints on Twitter and Facebook, about how crappy it was (no reasons given), but after watching the intro video and playing the 2 stages I came away wanting some more! The game plays very similar to the first so I suppose that's a good thing, however it can be bad, especially when you're dropping $60 into something that could have been an addon. However if you really enjoyed the original game and really got a lot of re-play value out of it, I can certainly see you picking up the second one. The demo download clocks in around 1.7GBs which seems to be the going size of new demos these days. Heck, I downloaded a trailer to a video the other day and it was 350MBs! That said, grab your controller and get ready to blast away hordes of zombies!

The demo drops you in a small town with a couple new types of zombies. One of them requires you to shoot them in the back since they're armored. However, I found it to be easy to take out your machete or knock them around with your gun/melee and then shoot them down. The Witch, normal zombies, Smokers, and Boomers all make re-appearances and will do anything to stop you. As for weapons, my all time favorite M16 assault rifle returns along with the AK47! There's also 2 shotguns (combat and tactical), an automatic machine gun, pistols, pipe bombs and Molotov cocktails! There's also a wide variety of melee weapons like frying pans which certainly makes for some fun killing.

The two levels included in the demos are pretty similar to what you'd find in the first game, and there's really nothing new about the game play except for at one point you need to deactivate an alarm system (wooohoo?!). Basically the levels consist of making your way through them while terminating any zombies and foes that get in your way. This is certainly a lot of fun, however need it really cost $60? I personally think these could have been included as addons to the original game, or heck sell me the 5-6 stages for $30 and if I want multiplayer I could purchase that for an additional $30. I just don't feel like this game is worth what they're selling it for, it really doesn't feel like an entirely new game, more like a few new stages. Don't get me wrong, the new graphics and everything look awesome, but still...I also have one gripe, the control scheme for this game is not that great, it never has been. I guess after a couple stages you start to get used to it, but I keep finding myself pulling on the left trigger to get a "zoomed" in view with my gun...however this is not the case and I end up flailing around with melee moves.

That said, I think the final product will provide me with a good 5-6 hours of entertainment. I'm not so much into the multiplayer modes (nor do I really have time for them -- COD4/MW2 will end all free time as I know it), I just like going around the towns killing zombies and being done with it. As much as I love zombie killing I can only last that long. I am really interested to see how it's going to sell, seeing as how it comes out a few days after Modern Warfare 2.

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