Modern Warfare 2 - Morgan's Game of the Year

I'm calling it right now. Modern Warfare 2 is the game of the year. Hands down, it's the most fun I've had since Resident Evil 5 which was released this previous spring. I understand I said I didn't even want to bother with this game and that it was going to suck. I was of course basing this all off a video and a few screenshots I had seen of the game. The feeling that I got was that this game wasn't going to be military based at all, and was going to be more like an "Army of Two/renegade/mercenary" type game. Nope, not at all. I think there's one level where it sort of felt like that, but with the voicing in the level you remember that you're there as a squad. The game plays pretty much how I was wishing they would have done it, except they did do it! I want to take back every bad thing I ever said about this game. The trailer I saw did not do this game enough justice, however, after seeing the multiplayer video they posted a month ago or so, I at least knew the multiplayer was going to be awesome. After getting my hands on the game and playing through the entire single player campaign I know a lot of people are really going to enjoy this game, single and multiplayer!

When you first get into the game, you're run through a few tests, similar to when you first start Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. I suppose this is for people who've never played the previous game, just get them acquainted with the controls and such. Right off the bat, I was qualified to play the game on Hardcore mode, er rather Hardened mode. I opted for Regular since I just wanted to jump right in, and actually I'm quite happy I did pick Regular mode since I had a few good trouble spots which took at least 10 tries to get right. Right after the training course, you're dropped right into the action and they've got you pumping off rounds on your M203! After that you're put in a Humvee with a mounted .50cal. Needless to say, it only get better!

Modern Warfare 2 has far exceeded my expectations, although maybe that's what I get for having relatively low expectations in the first place. The controls are pretty much the same as the previous game, and since my life basically revolved around it, I had no issues with this game at all. There were a couple moments when they wanted you to do a few things with the triggers which I managed to mess up, but after a few tries I got it down. At one point, during the end of the game, I wasn't sure what they were asking me to do with the 'x' button, but I guess whatever I was doing was right because I managed to knife someone in the face.

The level design in the game is fantastic. One of my favorite levels was the White House. It was actually a bit difficult to get into and take command of the first floor but with a couple flash bangs and grenades, it was mine! One of my least favorite levels was the one in Brazil where you basically had to find your way through a maze of crappy houses to make it to the top of the hill they were all on. I found myself getting my ass kicked by snipers and shooters on the roof tops or they would hide in these houses. Each level in the game was unique and something fresh and new each time, whether it be caves, a log cabin house in the mountains, a freezing cold air base or atop an oil rig, this game keeps it new and fun with each level. You can definitely tell a lot of time was put into each level with tons of interactive items, enemies in spots that make it a good challenge to overtake an area and graphics that definitely keep you wondering if this is real or not.

I thought the graphics in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare were amazing. Well they've just stepped up their game and they're even better in Modern Warfare 2. I managed to find myself just staring at guns to see how detailed the were. They've got it down real good, even to the serial numbers on some guns. It's ridiculous. Each and every item in the game is carefully given some amount of detail to make it look as real as possible. Shooting boxes of paper sends sheets flying all over the place, and in one scene, you can see the blood vessels in a foes eye just before you stab him in the neck. Infinity Ward definitely went all out on this game, and it shows. While there are a few points where you can tell more work could have been done, I really am impressed with the graphics.

The biggest thing that I enjoy about this game? The new variety of guns. Weapons from the previous game are included, but they've included tons of new weapons and "addons". The Desert Eagle and .50cal make appearances throughout the game, but one of my favorites, the SCAR is now part of the lineup! The guns also come with a few new attachments, one, a thermal sensor which really helps with seeing enemies through smoke screens and another a heartbeat sensor which alerts you to people within the nearby vicinity via an LCD monitor attached to your weapon. I also noticed there's a fully automatic pistol included which will definitely be considered in my load outs along with the Desert Eagle and M1911!

Something new about Modern Warfare 2 is the ability to control vehicles in a few levels. In one level you get to man a boat, rather more like a raft with a motor, but you get to drive it down a crazy winding river while trying to avoid other enemy boats and helicopters. In another level you need to make an escape on a snowmobile and at one point you jump over what must be at least a 200ft gap. I have honestly no idea how that was even possible, but it happens! One thing I did miss was taking control f one of those .150mm canons on the planes, however, you do get to take control of a Predator to bomb areas.

At this point in time I have not tried the multiplayer or SPEC OPs potion of Modern Warfare 2. I plan to play some SPEC OPs either tonight or tomorrow, I'll create a new article for that. Multiplayer modes are going to have to wait for a couple days, but I am definitely psyched about getting some time in. I guess my days of playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare are over. I certainly had a good 2 years with the game, but now that the Modern Warfare 2 is out, it's time to put that game to rest (at least for a couple months). I am unsure as to how many levels or prestige levels are included in this new game, but I certainly can't wait to start killing some friends, completing challenges and learning some new multiplayer levels layouts. I am also excited to see how well the CTF mode plays.

All in all, I can give this game no less then a 11/10 rating -- which I just realized is the release date of the game, so it's certainly fitting! It went well above what I thought the game was going to be, and even after beating the single player campaign, I want more of it. I know I knocked the game and said how crappy it was going to be. I hope Infinity Ward can forgive me! I promise you, if you loved Modern Warfare 1, you will, without a doubt love this game too. In a few days, when the game is released to the masses, I will join you all in a game of CTF or some Team Deathmatch! Make sure you add me on Xbox LIVE (vtequine)!

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