Porn: Yeah, I Watch It...

Before you proceed, this post is very very NSFW.

I'm not obsessed. I don't have hard drives and terabytes of porn laying around, in fact, the only porn I own was sent by a friend. Porn is certainly a taboo subject and this post contains lots of my personal thoughts about it. If you're uncomfortable with it, simply leave, it's okay. Porn is not a subject for everyone. I myself actually had to think about this post and wonder if it would even see the light of day, but as you can see it did.

Porn is personal thing, at least for me it is. I don't tend to go around explaining to people about the last video I watched on YouPorn, or rarely do I ever share images I've found or video clips. I tend to keep it all to myself. I don't watch it very often or collect images and save galleries to my computer. I tend to be very picky with what I watch and where I watch or look for new stuff. There's really only a couple sites I check out from time to time. Porn is something I feel like everyone has seen at least once if not many times willingly. By normal society standards it's definitely a private sort of activity. Each person has his or her own favorite type or style. Each person has their own varying degree of how often they view it. But this posting isn't about everyone else, it's about me.

Porn for me is simply something that shows me how other every day people do something that's just a natural part of the human life. It's really nothing more and nothing less. That said, you can usually find me watching the amateur, home made, camcorder porn. I do not like porn with a story line, I do not like porn with porn stars and muscled built-up men. It's just not my thing. I prefer watching normal every day people have sex. I don't care of your hairs all messed up, and your shirt on backwards or if your rooms a mess, it's much more natural, and it reminds me of my own sex life. I'd rather see some random boyfriend having sex with his girlfriend outside behind a shed, then some setup, fake looking scene with some girl being paid to orgasm. I'd rather see a girl who doesn't have a perfect body having sex with a guy over some big boobed girl getting fucked by some guy who's 30 years older then her. Real world sex just turns me on a lot more. I want to watch something I can emulate myself, or have the desire to do on my own.

When I look for porn, I have specific things I look for. First, it's gotta be home made, or I likely won't even bother watching it. Second, I tend to stick to just normal plain sex, one girl, one guy. I don't really like blow job videos, they don't really excite or interest me. I don't really like anal sex, however I will watch it. Girl on girl is okay, in fact, I do enjoy it. It's gotta look real, but most importantly it's just got to look natural. There's nothing more that turns me on then sex that's just natural looking and it looks like their just enjoying themselves as I would. I also really like closeups, I don't know why, I just do. Below is a video that I found recently which I really like.

video removed during conversion...

Another porn I liked is called Marie and Jack: A Hardcore Love Story. Briefly, it's a short film about two porn stars that get interviewed and then filmed having sex in their own home as they normally would. I just thought it was a unique look at how even porn stars just have plain old sex when they're off the set. It's sex between two people who love each other, just as you'd expect from me and my boyfriend. It's real and it's natural which brings me to my next clip.

When sex happens it happens. It could be anywhere any time, and those are videos I like watching. Just random sex in random places.

video removed during conversion...

As I mentioned I really like closeups. Maybe it's because it's of something you don't normally see every day or in that sort of view or angle. I like to see what's going on, even when I have sex, I like to see it happening.

video removed during conversion...

I know I mentioned how much I hate porn star porns, but there's one "professionally" produced porn that I actually liked. It's called Tegan's Juice and is the first and probably will be the only full length porn I've seen. There's really no story line, plot or any of that lameness. I guess the reason I like it so much is because there's no talking. When I have sex or watch sex, I like it to just be sex, shut up and let's fuck. Keep it simple but keep it fun and that's exactly what this is. It's simply sex and sexy people. I highly recommend it to anyone.

So why did I write this post? I honestly cannot answer. Maybe it's because there's not to many girls who will admit they watch porn, or maybe it's just to get it out of my system, YES I WATCH PORN! Am I embarrassed or ashamed to admit so? Certainly not. I have stated clearly what I look for in porn, what I dislike, what really turns me on and given a few examples. Porn is definitely not a subject most girls feel comfortable talking about. Most girls deny watching it even if they do. I however, don't mind sharing my ideas or thoughts about it at all. If you want to share with me what you look for in porn, your favorite types, etc... go ahead, leave some comments.

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