Hey everyone! Sorry I've been away for so long. This past winter my boyfriend and parents gave me the most wonderful Christmas present ever! They sent me out to California to a riding academy in which I learned so much and really had a great time. I spent about 6 months there. I am finally back home now and have a lot of plans for this summer.

I would like this summer, to really work on Confessh.us (considering it's been about a year since I really worked on the code), as well as work on the design and back-end code of our movie rental application. I've already started porting the code into the new design (sucks we don't really have a templating system). I'm also going to take a look at some of the PHP code to see if I can slim it down or optimize it in any way. The same goes for Confessh.us.

This summer I've also got a lot planned with the horses and with horse shows. We're definitely trying to recognized!

I'm also going to try to whittle away at my video game list. I've got so many in there. I picked up Final Fantasy XIII the other day, but I do not see myself playing that game for many months. Heck I still haven't completed FFX-2 haha. I really love it though. I've also got to get crackin' on some Modern Warfare 2 stuff, if anyone is on LIVE, hit my up, 'vtequine' is my gamertag!

Anyways, I hope everyone is well. Keep checkin' for new stuff!

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