Final Fantasy: Dissidia

After shelving my Sony PSP for what seems to be about a year I finally pulled it out again. There hadn't been many decent games on the PSP and I found that always having my Apple iPhone with me provided the needed portable gaming experience. However, there are just some games which need to be played on a true portable gaming device and Final Fantasy: Dissidia is one of them. I'd had the game since it launched a little over a year ago.

The game commemorates the 20th anniversary of the Final Fantasy series. Square-Enix included characters from previous series and the game has a great story to go along with it all. Essentially the heroes are gathered into a single world where they must locate 10 crystals (one for each character) and help Cosmos, the god of light defeat Chaos, the god of darkness. It was quite interesting to see Cloud, the Onion Knight, Squall, Zidane, Tidus, etc... all in the same game and fighting together. Each character brings their unique persona from their game to Dissidia.

The battle system is also new to me, and actually provided something new and unique. Each character has their own quest to find their crystal, however instead of moving through a world, they move through a pre-determined grid system with a pre-set amount of enemies and an occasional boss. The objective is to make your way through the 'gridded map' to the boss or to the end-level piece. Each map also contains potions and treasure chests with useful items. Your characters still acquire EXP and gain levels and skills. Also included in the game are summons or aeons which can assist you in some sort of way.

The game uses something called bravery which determines how much health you deplete from an enemy on an attack. You can obtain bravery by using a bravery attack on an opponent and then you may execute an HP attack (or normal attack) which will use your accrued bravery points on the enemy. The battle system is similar to that of Kingdom Hearts. You can move around in a 3D world, however you can switch to a battle system similar of Final Fantasy games or other RPGs.

The graphics in the game are superb and for being on a little handheld device I'm quite impressed. The battle levels include destroy-able elements. The sound within the game will definitely ring some bells from previous Final Fantasy games. The controls in the game take a few levels and battles to get used to but within 15-20 minutes you should definitely have them down. They're easy to learn and remember which makes the game all the more better.

Overall, I am impressed and quite happy with Final Fantasy: Dissidia. I really enjoyed seeing all the characters from my favorite Final Fantasy games in one game working together. It was also fun and funny to see the villains from Final Fantasy games interact with one another. Any Final Fantasy fan definitely needs to pick up and play through this game if they haven't already. This game also justifies my Sony PSP purchase. It's rare gems like this one that make me happy about having a PSP around. Well done Square-Enix. You've made me happy once again, let's see if you'll do it again in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep :)

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